Dear colleagues

Due to the great demand, the course is fully booked. There are still some places left for participation without dissection. This means, all services can be used - only personal dissection is not possible. Please contact us directly.

We are very happy to invite you to the 7th International Hands-on FESS Course. The course is designed as a high-end training for sinus surgeons starting with endoscopic sinus surgery and for those who want to refresh the current state-of-the art knowledge and methods.

Endonasal ‘Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery’ (FESS) has evolved as the standard technique for treatment of nearly all kinds of sinus disease. It’s effectivity, however, is strongly dependent on a sound knowledge of individual microanatomy, optimum handling of microinstruments and up to date surgical strategies.

The International Hands-on FESS Course teaches current techniques of endoscopic sinus surgery with the main focus on participants practicing dissection.

Special Highlights of this Course

  • Structured anatomic preparation, each step referring to clearly defined anatomical landmarks, after concise lectures and master dissection.
  • Training places for dissection are well-equipped with HD-videoendoscopy, a large variety of microsurgical instruments, shaver and option for navigation.
  • Intensive supervision with at least one experienced supervisor for two dissection places.
  • Specific adjunctive course material, including access to essential videoclips of crucial surgical steps as well as accompanying hand-outs are inclusive as well as
  • Participation at our course dinner .

Each complete, nature-identical anatomical specimen is subject to preparation by two participants.

We would be pleased to welcome you in the remarkable ambience of the Institute of Clinical Anatomy in the historical university city of Tübingen


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